Preferred Gardener Program

This is a FREE Boulevard Flower Gardens membership, rewarding you with extra savings, garden values & unique opportunities. Sign up & with every $20 you spend, you accumulate $1 in Greenback savings. All Greenbacks expire January 31; unused savings disappear at that time, and new year savings begin to accumulate. With over 4,500 gardeners registered with us, we only send emails with items of interest, sale discounts, & special events of our Preferred Gardeners prior to any notice to the general public. Some emails bounce back due to spam filter blocks. Make necessary adjustments on your computer, allowing newsletters from

Existing Greenback points must be used prior to expiration on January 31st, allowing up to 50% off your purchase! (Points cannot accumulate nor be redeemed for custom landscape design/installation jobs.)

No membership fee; All information involving this card will be kept confidential and will not be shared or sold. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the program. This program is for individuals and residential customers only. Not applicable to BFG employees, licensed contractors, businesses, churches, schools or other commercial/civic organizations.

Returned items will show as adjusted (deducted) Greenbacks Accumulated. Greenbacks are non-transferable.

You can print this form and bring it into Boulevard Flower Gardens or you can fill one out during your next visit.