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Dealing With Winter Damage

It’s early spring; time to survey the damage that this exceptionally hard winter has produced. In some areas, shrubs may still be hiding under piles of frozen snow. Severed tree limbs lie scattered across the landscape. It’s difficult to know what to tackle first.


Trees For Small Spaces

There’s something about putting a tree in the ground that just feels right. In many cases, you start with just a bare trunk with a few branches and then, rather quickly, it begins sprouting new growth. You nurture your new acquisition and each year it increases in height and girth. Finally, one day, you look out the window and a magnificent mature tree is there to greet you!


Tree Peony … The Ancient Empress

From the ancient palace gardens of China comes an elegant empress; the tree peony. In recent years, tree peonies have become increasingly popular and more readily available. This plant is distinctly different from the herbaceous peony that we are so familiar with in our American perennial beds.